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Sunflower and Stone is a herbal in home apothecary in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

At the heart of S&S is a connection to the worlds less heard but so deeply felt; the worlds of herbs, nature, elements, as well as both lunar and solar energies. This connection is powerful, and most potent when tended to with care and intention.

The offerings you'll find in this shop are meant to further this connection, helping you craft and curate personal rituals around self-care and well-being. After all, we are not separate from nature; we are of nature. We are sacred beings, so self-care should be a sacred ritual. It is Sunflower and Stone’s ultimate intention to offer products that assist in creating whatever that sacred ritual looks like for you. 

It is totally possible to heal, repair and nurture our relationships with ourselves through our self-care rituals. What we put on our skin (our biggest organ!) is of ultimate importance. Each offering in this shop is made with so much love and intention focused on the highest good of the user. That said, the products are best used with this goal and intention in mind as well. 

Remember, Sunflower and Stone may be the Alchemist of these offerings, but you are the Practitioner. However you see fit to implement these products into your practices and rituals is the best way to utilize them. 

Small batch|Filled with love & intention


Sunflower and Stone’s vision is to help curate the most perfect self care moments and ritual experiences for those who seek mindful, natural, handmade products crafted with intention, in collaboration with Mother Nature herself. 


QUALITY: All offerings are mindfully made with high-quality natural ingredients and the purest of intentions. We believe in the importance of being able to shop with peace of mind. That said, rest assured we will never compromise the quality or integrity of our product offerings.

SIMPLICITY: At Sunflower and Stone, we believe in using minimal ingredients for maximum impact. We also believe less is more, and most things in life are best done in moderation. Ingredients are carefully chosen, and each product is created with components specific to the intention; nothing more, nothing less.

INTEGRITY: We consider ourselves a conscious and mindful company. From the products and services offered to our passions and customer relationships, our ethics and people first mentality drive every aspect of Sunflower & Stone.

INCENSE: Hand dipped with love 💖

    I don't want products to consume the self-care routine and ritual; I want them to compliment and hopefully simplify it.

    Jalyn aka Sun -Owner

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