About S&S

Sunflower and Stone was born from the heart of a nature worshipper, medicine woman and maker with a passion for aromatherapy and ritual. 

Harmonious balance is the sweet spot of life. We must learn from the sunflower how to be adaptable and seek the light when it may not be shining so brightly in our direction on its own. From the stone, though, we learn to be grounded and solid in our beliefs; immovable on our boundaries and deepest personal truths.  

S&S is a small batch, woman ran business with a promise to never compromise on ingredients or experience. See below for more on the moral code of this business.




Sunflower and Stone’s vision is to help curate the most perfect self care moments and ritual experiences for those who seek mindful, natural, handmade products crafted with intention, in collaboration with Mother Nature herself. 


QUALITY: All offerings are mindfully made with high-quality natural ingredients and the purest of intentions. We believe in the importance of being able to shop with peace of mind. That said, rest assured we will never compromise the quality or integrity of our product offerings.

SIMPLICITY: At Sunflower and Stone, we believe in using minimal ingredients for maximum impact. We also believe less is more, and most things in life are best done in moderation. Ingredients are carefully chosen, and each product is created with components specific to the intention; nothing more, nothing less.

INTEGRITY: We consider ourselves a conscious and mindful company. From the products and services offered to our passions and customer relationships, our ethics and people first mentality drive every aspect of Sunflower & Stone.