Note2Self RE: Self Love

Note2Self RE: Self Love

Self love is not just looking in the mirror and being able to say “I love you. You’re so beautiful”!

Self Love is...

Taking a chance on yourself...

Being patient with yourself...

Holding yourself accountable as well as showing yourself understanding.

Self love is pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to see what you’re capable of, it’s believing in your self, it’s accepting yourself throughout all of your stages and phases--because there will be stages & there will be phases 🙃

Self love is making and enforcing boundaries, saying no, asking for and then accepting help, trusting your inner guidance, and self love is also taking actionable steps towards the life you want for you.

Self love is taking care of your space, taking care of your body and your mind, and seeing the beauty in it all as it changes (it will).

For me, self love is also knowing it's not ALL about YOU.
Self love is acknowledging you need others.
Self love is taking your desire for community seriously.
Self love is seeing beyond the illusion of separation.
Self love is knowing you are one with all that is.
Self love is making & then keeping plans with your homies.

Oh, and self love is also iced coffee. 😊


For those who feel called, in the comments complete this sentence:
Self love is: 


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“For me, self love is also knowing it’s not ALL about YOU.”
Thank you for putting things right where I can get them, as always.

Self Love is…..taking my time drinking my coffee without doing anything else for those 30 or so minutes


Evening facials and journal writing with fresh fruit smoothie and silence💕

T. Michell

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