Note2Self RE: Feelings

Note2Self RE: Feelings

Feelings. F E E L I N G. Something we at times try to run so far from. Something we try to numb, to deny, to ignore, to invalidate, to shame... to feel guilt for. In today's culture, "bad" or "negative feelings can be pretty difficult to sit with. On one end of the spectrum, you can go down a rabbit-hole online about "what's wrong" with you for feeling what you feel. On the other hand, you can be faced with toxic productivity culture, which tells you how you don't even have time to feel the feeling. 

As I began to listen to my emotions, I started to realize that even the difficult ones aren't "bad". They are challenging for sure. And yes, some emotions cause moods that aren't the best; especially when you truly do have shit to do. Even still, the feelings in and of themselves are not bad. They're just guides. They are guides toward what brings joy and fulfillment. They're guides to what provides feelings of safety and comfort. They can also be guides to spaces within that need to be healed; chords, blockages. 

Lately, my feelings have been guiding me towards relaxation and enjoyment. Taking time to do as few things at a time as possible, sitting intently with each task has felt so good. Instead of wishing my to-do list was shorter and rushing all day (which causes constant feelings of overwhelm), I'm able to flow from task to task and I love the feelings of calm that are associated with that. 


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Thank you so much for your comment Jas. Clearly I am not too accustomed to receiving comments here—evidenced in me taking so long to write you back haha. May has been a MONTH. Love you and thanks for always being here. For 22 years and counting. W O W


A good read and necessary reminder. Most of our labels for things are subjective, especially feelings. Love that you’re going with the flow of what your emotions bring you, allowing yourself to truly FEEL it, and see what realizations or feelings they lead you to. ✨

Jasamine Pettie

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